Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Goddess has gone Primal!

Yes, The Goddess has had enough of her Human counterpart's shenanigans! She is getting back to it "Old School!"

Since beginning this blog, I have been all over the place with eating. Yes, I will admit it, I am a Yo-Yo Dieter. Ugh. The only time I have ever felt good was when I was eating clean. Eliminating all the processed, sugar filled garbage that we as a culture have filled our bodies with for years. Obviously I love food, which is really not a bad thing. We need food. But the food I have consumed in the past 25 years has poisoned me. Hence the Insulin Resistance, weight gain, bloat, gas, oh and acne! (Acne! What the what?) the list goes on. I am not in any way a nutritionist or physician, but am someone who is tired of being unhealthy.

About a two months ago I really started researching food and health. I am a self-professed Foodie and will NOT cheat myself when it comes to taste, texture and just all around happiness in my food. I also hooked up with a local Facebook group for Holistic Moms, which really started my research. I believe I have found my niche. I call myself a Paleo Clean eater now. There are some of  my "peeps" who read this will NOT believe I am doing this. There was a time I would not even touch, let alone eat meat. Honestly I am not a huge fan, but Meat and I have come to a mutual agreement. (except for organ meats and ribs...just cannot do it...((shudder))

Switching over to eating like this was gradual process. Despite my sometimes all or nothing personality flaw. GRADUAL. I emphasis this. We used up what we had in the cupboard and gradually bought our gluten-free products. The first thing I bought was Pamela's gluten free baking mix. I started making my own bread. We read labels. We ate more veggies/fruit, nuts,  incorporated coconut and nut flours in cooking. There was a little bit of a difference  in how I was feeling, but no weight loss. Then I took a good look at what I was putting in my body. Researching more we moved into Paleo. Each grocery trip I bought one of two items that help in Paleo recipes, for instance Fish sauce, Coconut milk. Coconut oil has been a staple in our house for awhile now for cooking and as a lotion. Love me some Coconut.

My biggest concern in Paleo was giving up cheese. Ahh, cheese. Cheese was my go to snack.  I gradually stopped eating cheese and have no gas or bloating or other digestive issues. And you what I do not even miss it. I do not eat any dairy now other then eggs, butter and ghee. We have our own chickens so I have farm fresh eggs daily. I only use butter or ghee at times, usually I cook with Olive, Coconut or Grape seed oil. I have no grains in the diet now. Everything is either nut or Coconut flour. Veggies and Fruit a big component in my diet. Because of my wacky pancreas, I watch the fruit. If I do eat it, it is a glycemic fruit and it is always paired with a protein.

Recipes and Help
Can I just say I love the Internet for recipes. There are so many places to find recipes for eating this way out there. I have revamped my recipe book and added so many wonderful recipes. I am always looking for new ways to cook. Plus with three kids at home, I have be creative. I just started feeling confident enough to take some of our family's food favs. and switched them to Paleo. For instance, tonight I made Chicken Picatta with mashed Cauliflower, instead of mashed potatoes. Remember I am a Foodie! But I get there are some of you that are not, so I will link you to some of my favorite Paleo places.
Favorite Paleo places:
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Where I am at today
Honestly, I have only been super strict eating this way for two weeks. But let me tell you I see an enormous difference. When I have cheated, the Fourth of July weekend, I got so sick. I will leave out the details but my digestive tract was not happy. Call it my "What if" experimentation, what if I eat that bun, what if I ate those cheese curds, what if I eat that s'more? Not good, not good at all! Now I know. So yes, the last two weeks I have be a very diligent eater. Not worth it to be that sick. Healthy please here! Plus as an added bonus...I lost 10 pounds in two weeks. I know it is really about health, but geez, I am trying to be the Goddess!


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