Sunday, January 13, 2013

Clean No Cheese Nacho Cheese Nachos

 No, I have not lost my mind, nor is my title a typo. Continue reading...

I love Mexican food! Everything about it. But it is not always the most "healthy." Sure fajitas can be done, but what about Nachos? A few months back a friend of mine posted her nachos. She is totally for eating clean and healthy. She is one of my inspirations. I knew that I had copied down her recipe somewhere, but could not find it. So I ended up scouring old Facebook pics of hers. Yes, Monica, I was stalking your page. But it was for a good cause.

I wanted to make a dinner that would be healthy and fun for the family. A Nacho Bar! Granted the biggest issue was finding nacho chips that would be the best for me. Low sodium and clean. Sure there are great chips out there, but I needed less salt. So I made my own chips. I took clean corn tortillas and made my own. I cut them up into triangle shapes. Granted I did fry some of them, but I did it in organic olive oil. Some of them I baked, and they turned out just as yummy. Instead of salting them, I squeezed lime juice over them.

Now the no cheese part. There was no way my kids would eat nachos with out cheese. This is where my friend comes in. She rarely eats dairy so she found a recipe for Nacho Cheese, that is not made with cheese at all. Now do not stick your nose up yet, it was actually a success. My cheese obsessed husband actually loved it.

Our nacho bar had all the fixings. Black beans, salsa, corn, jalapenos, fresh guacamole, and organic sour cream. (just a bit for me) and the no cheese nacho cheese. To make this is quite easy.

Gosh, it was so yummy! If you think you would like to try this, here is the recipe: 

No Cheese Nacho Cheese

1 cup of cashews
1/2 cup of water
1/2 cup of red bell pepper
2 cloves of garlic
Favorite hot sauce to taste
Kosher salt, which I did not add gotta watch my salt intake 


In a blender add the cashews and blend to a fine mixture. Add the water and continue to blend. Next add the rest of the ingredients. Continue to blend to a nacho cheese consistency. Voila! Healthy Nacho cheese! 

Note: you may heat this up, but do not over heat, it will get lumpy. 

I doubled the batch, so I can freeze it and use it on snacks. So with the batched doubled it made about 2 1/2 cups or so.


  1. Tried this, super shocked at how good it is. My husband who does NOT like cashews even loved it.
    I added jalapenos in when I blended it, and it added an awesome little kick. delicious either way though, I HIGHLY recommend!