Friday, January 11, 2013

The last few days

I am still here, plugging along. I know it does not sound promising. But it is! I have been doing great considering life has threw me some curves. Sick children. Enough said right?

Wednesday I had a follow up appointment with my doctor. I happy to report that my echo cardiogram looks fab, my blood work came back pretty good. My insulin/sugars are in perfect range! Wahoo! The Cholesterol is "eh." The total is right over the good area. My LDL is horrible, but the HDL is awesome. Which that is good. She wants me to continue on the Zocor for now, but I am sure eventually I will be completely off of it. I go back to see her April 11, the day before my birthday, so I am even more committed to my goal.

I am really rocking this clean eating. However, my body is in shock. Seriously, can we say gas, pain and bloating? I could totally do a commercial for a anti-gas product and I would not be acting. I do have a lot more energy just in this short time.

People have asked me how or what eating clean is? How I started it, how to get the family to do it. Well, here is the thing. I am a all or nothing kind of girl. Sometimes this is a positive in my life, and sometimes it back fires and bites me in my...well you know. For me, I had to just jump in and do it.

No, this is not Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard. It is mine. I started with removing everything out of my kitchen. Then I read the labels of what was in my food. Following the clean eating standards, which for me is only keep what was as natural as possible. NO Processed, NO chemicals, NO High fructose corn syrup, no junk basically. Drastic? You betcha! And shouldn't it be?

I am sure there are some that are balking at this. If you are not comfortable in throwing out food, start slow. Make a goal to whittle out the bad stuff. Or, you could always donate it to a food shelter/pantry. To me I feel no one should eat this junk, plus as I said I am a "All or Nothing" girl. I know me, if there is junk in the house, it will be in my mouth. Same goes for my family. If it is in there, they will eat it. Believe me I am getting a little resistance from the kids, but I am fortunate to have children that are not 100% picky. One of their favorite snacks is fresh hummus and veggies. Plus this not like they have not been down this "health" road before.

 I have even heard and used the excuse myself, "Eating better is time consuming." Sure it can be, but with the websites out there and oodles of good recipes, we have it made. I do not go into a grocery store with out a plan of action. This has helped me stay on the straight and narrow and saves a ton of time and money. When it is time to shop, I make a Meal Menu. I usually do two weeks at a time. From that Menu I make the list of items I need to shop for and just follow the list. Bam! you are in and out in no time. My list does include items for lunch, and snacks. Here is what I had for lunch yesterday. Quick, Easy, and yummy!

I posted it yesterday on my Facebook page. As I said it has been a bit hectic with having sick kids at home.

Daily Reminder:

This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change. I want to be healthy.

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  1. You are a brave woman emptying out your cupboards like that. May your journey be a truly successful one!

    Thanks for sharing on Farm Girl Blog Fest #15!

    Kristi@Let This Mind Be in You