Sunday, January 6, 2013

I got the know how!

I find it funny that a lot of people cannot believe I am as fat as I am. What do I mean you ask? Well the thing is I have done my homework so to speak. How can you not? The diet industry is alive and kicking. What is so hilarious to me is with all the diets, low fat foods, no trans fat, fat free,  medical weight loss procedures, we are still such a fat, obese country. Look at me I am living proof! I admit it, I have rode the diet roller coaster. Let's see, hmmm...

  • I have been in Weight Watchers a total of 5 times. Great program, not always in my budget, and I found myself staying with in the points, however, I only lost 12 pounds ever!
  • I have tried Atkins, helped with my blood sugar, but I am not a big meat eater, and got bored.
  • I have tried South Beach, pretty good, but never was serious.
  • I have tried The HcG diet, sure I lost weight anyone would eating 500 calories a day. Plus the hormone made me break out with dark pigment spots on my face. Oh, Hell no!
  •  Not eating. Does not work by the way.
Now I am sure many out there have tried more diets then I have. You are more of a go getter then I am. In between my diets, I just didn't care, or had moments of false acceptance telling myself " I am accepting my big girlness!" Yeah, whatever. 

I am a hypocrite too. I am not stupid. I read a ton on health and wellness. Dr. Oz, he is my man! I love herbal remedies and am semi-educated on the use of herbs, essential oils, vitamins and the like. I "get" the human body. My sister teases me and says "every time I come over to your house, you always have good food, why are you so heavy?" or something along that line. Well, probably because I do not eat all the good food. For example today. Oh, and for the record, I start tomorrow.

What I have fed my mouth today:

Mornings start with a nice ice filled glass of Diet Pepsi and a cigarette, every day. (Habitual to say the least)
I ate a Totinos frozen pizza about 11:30 with more Diet Pepsi. Diet Pepsi is one of my addictions. I will crave this before I crave food, or a smoke. I kill a twelve pack a day. Gross I know.
I then put about 20 Dove chocolate covered almonds into the mix. Not norm for me, candy and sweets do not come into play until it is time for "EUNICE" to rear her wicked, nasty head. EUNICE is my pet name for that time for the month. 
Dinner will be a 3 ounce pork chop, about a cup and half of mashed potatoes, and two cups of green beans. That is it for my day. If I get the munchies, I may eat some popcorn or salsa and chips.

Yeah, really a healthy way to live don't you think?

Alright enough of the negative, how about some positive? Let's look at my plan for getting better!

Back in March, I found on a friend's Facebook page about Clean Eating. Well, I had to check this out. Basically it just means eating as close to natural as possible. No chemicals, no preservatives, no sugar, no processed foods etc. So, I cleaned out my kitchen and started eating most of my food as natural as possible. Ate small meals, fueling my body, rode my bike, walked, I had acupuncture to stop smoking, took vitamins, juiced and guess what? I lost ten pounds and felt awesome. Maybe I was on to something. I think I was. Why did I stop? Simple. I got sick with the flu and coming out of it fell back into old habits. The smoking did stop, but as I was entering my 3 week mark of quitting, my father-in-law passed away, and I smoked from stress thinking I had a handle on it. Oh, Boy. Can't fool me.

Tomorrow begins the "official" day. I will begin the process of clearing out the crap in my body, and replacing it with health.

Here are some of the things that inspire me:


  1. I'd love to hear more about this, ESPECIALLY how to incorporate this into a family unit that doesn't exactly share my vision! Good luck girl!

    1. Tina, it is difficult to try and incorporate this into the family. My take is just not to buy the crap and they will be forced to eat it. :)

  2. You are motivating me Heather. Last night I was at my son's house for a re-scheduled Christmas party (since we were all sick on Christmas). I had a bowl of chili, a salad, a piece of cornbread and a beer. OK, I had a piece of chocolate cake too. The point is, I was thinking about wanting to try harder, so I skipped ALL the snacks and appetizers, had one beer instead of two, and had a really little piece of cake. I kept telling myself "You don't need to eat a ton." It worked. I'm trying to make better choices and eat less. I'm going to keep checking back here for your encouragement and to encourage you. I told you, I'm going to walk this walk with you.

    1. Aww thanks my wonderful friend! I appreciate your support. We can do this!